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This system provides access to documents in the Electronic Court Record (ECR) for those cases you, as a registered user, are directly related to. Attorneys are able to access images on cases where they are on the case record, and individual parties will have access to cases where you are the party of record. The system will not allow access to sealed cases, sealed or confidential documents, Juvenile cases, or Mental Health cases. One time registration to authenticate user identity is required. Arizona driver’s license is required for online authentication.Copies printed from the ECR website are not considered certified. Certified copies of records must be obtained on paper, either in person or by mail from the Clerk's office.

ECR Online is best viewed with Internet Explorer version 10 or later. Use of other browsers is not supported at this time.

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Please be advised that the availability of case records and documents on this site is subject to the Superior Court Records Retention and Disposition Schedule, as provided in Ariz. Code Jud. Admin. § 3-402.
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